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Talos Insurance & Risk Solutions Director
1/ 570 – 580 Canterbury Road Campsie 2194
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About Me

I fell into the insurance way back in 1989. There were no mobile phones around, the fax machine just took over the telex machine, everyone had a briefcase and you were allowed to smoke in the office.

I quickly realised and appreciate the importance of what I do for my clients and the significance of what the industry does for the greater community and the economy.

I’m not even embarrassed to tell people what I do for a living at BBQ’s.

I have seen firsthand catastrophic losses that destroy a lifetime of blood sweat and tears in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, the resilience of the owners during this devastating time and the backing of a comprehensive insurance program has been the catalyst to get them back up on their feet running as strong as ever.

It’s no fluke to get it right. Negotiating the right covers with right insurers needs experience, education and training.

A client places an enormous amount of trust in their Broker to protect them. We simply can’t get it wrong when it comes to protecting a client. 

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