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Talos Trade Creditor Insurance

Do you sell products on Credit Terms?

Are you protected against payment defaults or delays?

Would you like to gain a competitive advantage to increase sales and profits by offering credit, but are worried about the risk?

The only certainty in business is uncertainty. When selling on credit terms, there’s always a risk that payment may not be made on time – or at all. Credit insurance is a first line of defence for your business and is the way to protect your business against customer insolvency and payment defaults.

At Talos our providers will assess your buyers and their credit worthiness and then provide you with a credit limit indicating the maximum amount you can trade with a particular buyer that is covered by your Trade Credit Insurance policy. This limit is based on many factors, for example; the buyer’s stability, payment history, financial analysis and market conditions, and provides a good indication of how safe that buyer is to trade with. 

Your cover is tailored for your specific business so you only pay for what you need. Your credit insurance can be tailored to cover the particular demands of your business, the territories in which you operate and their financial, economic, political and legal environments, ensuring that your business has all the credit insurance it needs, without paying for cover that it doesn’t. 

With Credit Insurance in place, you’ll gain a competitive advantage to increase sales and profits.

You’ll be able to capitalise on sales beyond your normal risk appetite, and offer competitive extended payment terms to broaden your sales scope - allowing you to access previously unattainable profits. 

Credit insurance provides a platform to help generate more sales without adding undue risk to your company’s balance sheet. With credit insurance, payment risk effectively passes to the insurer, improving your cash flow and peace of mind.

Trade financiers recognise the enhanced value of credit insurance on your debtor portfolio. This can improve your cost of borrowing allowing you to increase the scope of your business.

At Talos we’ll work with you and our providers to find you the best, most competitive Credit Insurance for your situation, saving you time and money, and most importantly protecting your bottom line.

Now that’s peace of mind…

Whether you’re a small, medium or large privately held company, we’ll negotiate with insurers on your behalf to get the best cover and value.

Being covered just makes good business sense.

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