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About Me

“I started working at the ripe old age of 12 for my father’s business during my school holidays. He was a brick layer and I began helping out as his labourer carrying one brick at a time. At $6 a shift I thought I had it made. I set my mind on purchasing my very own Atari 2600 and after some time, I got there.

During my studies I worked for good old supermarket Franklins and 7-11 whilst still working for my father on weekends. By this time I discovered the official minimum wage and my dad started paying me a little more.

It was a only a few year later that I joined a major insurer where I developed my initial knowledge base. After quite a number of years, I made my move across to the exciting world of insurance broking and I have not looked back since. The transition was made easier having worked for a quality independent brokerage for over six years where I learnt from some of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry.

It was at this time where I decided to take that giant leap and run my own business. With a very young family, I can say that my wife was a little surprised with my timing however she was very supportive and St George Insurance Solutions was born. I learnt all about working both in and on a business and reacquainted myself with the minimum wage. It wasn’t long before the business started to grow with the support of some great clients. Many were start-up businesses and we basically grew and supported each other. My clients continue to grow to this day and I am very proud to have been involved with them from the very beginning.

A few years down the track again, a great opportunity arose to merge with a good friend and long term associate George Peros. I took that opportunity and we formed Talos Insurance and Risk Solutions. I also introduced George to the minimum wage. With the continued support of our clients, our business has continued to grow and we have been fortunate to pick up a few awards along the way. We have employed good people and I am very excited as I still feel that the journey has only began.

When I am not with my family, fishing, diving, or coaching my kid’s soccer team, I can be found reading policy wordings. Whilst that last one isn’t quite as enjoyable, it means that my clients can spend more time doing what they enjoy.”

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